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TV! Oh shows, you are truly entertaining, but I must make comments on the recently watched.

And yes, they contain spoilers, so I will cut them. Aren't I nice?

OK, Chuck and Smallville? I love them, but I never get the time to watch them. And yes, it KILLS me that I missed Absolute Justice. I have already DLed it and will watch ASAP. Same goes for Chuck. I have not seen any of them since the Sunday premiers.

SO, on to LOST! I have never watched this show outside of the DVDs, but it is on at 8 CT (that is the clincher, anything earlier stands no chance), and we thought what the hey. And even though I'm used to no commercials and the ability to pause it to talk about any little question with my husband, it is still great.

That AU stuff is going to pull me in any time. It does it with the old Star Trek: TGN episodes and the recent movie. I think my fav dude is dead, then he's not. Yes, I dig Sayid. His voice draws me in, what can I say? I have no idea if I am going to be able to keep watching the show this season, but I will try. I look forward to see all the people who were in it come back, like Mr. Ekko.

And my all-time fav, Supernatural. This season - on the whole - I have to admit, has not impressed me as much as I want it to. It does contain one of the funniest episodes I have seen, though (the switching channels one), and my fav Angel crush, Castiel, is still around - although NOT as much as I would like him to be - so I am letting the season slide.

Once again, this show is just CRUEL to the women: the Harvelles, Anna... dead. And indeed the Harvelles did go out with a blaze of glory, but I can't help but wanted it to be more than that - why kill them off like that. And Anna, she was totally out of character for this last episode. Sure, it makes sense that Sam must die but uh, Lucy's going to find another meatsuit if Sammy's eating worms. So, Anna going off half cocked like that just... well they needed to have more explanation. I dig sorta dig that the younger Uriel meatsuit showed up. I would have gotten a kick out of Cas's MS appearing too, because how did Anna recovered from her time travel and Cas not?

all I got.