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Oh few people on my friends list who have Gmail....

Is yours down?

I keep getting error messages.

if you need to contact me, use my yahoo (same first part, just at yahoo.com. Or my aim.)


((EDIT: OK, all seems to be back to normal, so never mind for now))

welcome Soho Doorway!

A homage to my beloved rock band, the Who, I have changed my username. It is now 'soho_doorway' and it is a phrase from the ballad 'Who Are You'. 'Woke up in a soho doorway, A policeman knew my name He said, 'You can go sleep at home tonight If you can get up and walk away"

Yeah, not that I'm a drunk who passes out in doorways, but I like the line, it was the first I memorized when I listened to the song.

Those of you who are used to magneticgal, worry not, Lorna is still represented throughout and always will be.

oh, yes, this is my ooc over at IJ too, so the name was established last summer.


Kelt Gak

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I stole newredshoes's purse (-30 points). In January I helped lucentstreak across the street (6 points). Last Monday I pulled over and changed tobinsguide's flat tire (15 points). Last Thursday I ruled Canada as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last week I pulled _martychaa's hair (-5 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-714 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:



back with Blopo

There is a TV ad on of people eating the McRib (one of the most disgusting inventions ever) and drooling BBQ sauce out of their mouths. It is singly one of the most revolting ads I have ever seen. To make it worse, it's for a 'restaurant' such as McDonalds.

See, I have the TV on when I work and only look up a few times. Mostly I listen. But for some damned reason I keep looking up to catch that damned commercial.

Ok, that's it.
I HAVE REAPER. Man, Amazon took forever to get that to me.

Esth? Expect to be converted.

It's a happy TV night what with my CW addiction.

I suppose I should just get to work now.


Tv muses

I just love classic Iron Chef. The excitement that surrounds the Iron's chef's and their competitor's food is hilarious. I sure do learn a lot more about food than I ever thought I needed to know. But really, it's the English dubbing that does it. The giggly girl for the 'actress' judge, the weird intellect, the old biddy, and the hoity toity voice for the masculine guy. But chairman Kaga, oh he can't have a voice over. I'm sure he refused it.

So I'm missing the big Twilight premiere as I will be out of the country. I wanted to see it, but I think I may just read that first one again on my flight. It is, in my opinion, is far superior to the other three. I feel like the last three were more like... well, bad fan fiction, especially that fourth one.

oh, Esth! We'll be around tomorrow! I'll text yah!!


minus 1!!

Oh no!

I knew the weekends would ruin it all! I forgot to BloPo yesterday!

I hang my head in shame.

It was snowing yesterday.. honest-to-gosh snowing. Wasn't it just 70 degrees a few days ago?

So, I thought I gave up on Heroes... I really did, but the factors that I am a captive audience has put it on again. And mocking TV shows with Kelly on AIM is a fun thing, I must say. But I'm still not a big fan of the show. I think it's becoming the interest in watching a flower die...not that I'm into watching flowers wilt, but I have a perverse desire to watch this supposed 'great' show die. But if it gets better (this woudl require A LOT), more power to it and I don't have to catch up.

Sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it?
Mads is donned in little star pigtails in red white blue and pink and I have similar adornments. We are ready to vote!

**Have not voted yet, I will be going in about an hour after the pre-work people are gone. So, I'll post reactions to that in an Edit later.

I made the mistake of watching the SNL Presidential special. The fact that McCain and his silly running mate whom I'm not even bothering to mention personally appeared on the show that mocks them was just...well, sad. Let the comedians do their thing, and not right before the elections, it makes you look tacky, ok? Of course this is just because it was pretty shameless. But I have also decided that SNL really doesn't need me as a viewer anymore... not that I watched it that much.

So, the RP world? not as active lately. It's weird, I've got one. But there is something on the horizon when I return from my trip to the east. That's all I'm giving now.

Hmmm... could have sworn I had something far more profound to add here. But really, you should check out my entry two days ago and see my cute Halloween kid and ogle.

EDIT: Voted! Then frolicked with Mads in the park. I'm only slightly disappointed I didn't get my free coffee, although there is still time. In about an hour, I may take the bike as close as they'll let me in Grant Park. This is really rather thrilling having this in my practical back yard.

a little bit... what?

This has completely blown me away and I'm unsure how to deal with it...

OK, so those of you who know me somewhat know that I'm a rock and roll girl. I like classic rock: the Who, Stones, Zepplin, Beatles, etc.

But something happened to me a few weeks ago when Mads and I were strolling around Grant Park and the Museum Campus. We wandered over to Soldier Field where some action was going on and stumbled into the Country Music festival.

Well, you can pretty much guess what happened... I sat out in the grass with Mads, enjoying the nice day and the sun and the atmosphere and I think I sorta fell for ... yes, country music. The guy playing was this tight-jean hottie named Chuck Wicks and he seemed a bit rock and country with a rather appealing twang. I always loved the Eagles which was seemed to have country roots.

The clincher? My daughter loved it.

So I got his one and only album and I learned to love it too.

So, yeah, I don't expect anyone to understand, as I barely do myself, but at the moment I'm that phrase: "a little bit country."

Day 1!

On your mark, get set....


I just remembered that I cannot complete my promise at NaBloPoMo (which from here on out will affectionately call it 'BloPo'). I will be out of the country for a week (Hong Kong)! Now, perhaps I'll bring this with me, so we shall see.

So, two weeks ago? Computer busted. Apple looked at it for a week and then? I got a new spankin' computer. So far, it's pretty compatible with my stuff. Upgrades are a bitch though. And the new MacBook Pros may be thinner? But they are a helluva lot heavier!

Did everyone have a great Halloween? I went trick or treating with a peacock, Charlie Brown and an Octopus. Pictures will be posted, I guarantee.