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TV! Oh shows, you are truly entertaining, but I must make comments on the recently watched.

And yes, they contain spoilers, so I will cut them. Aren't I nice?

LOST, Supernatural, Smallville, Chuck - the only four I watch when I have time to watch!Collapse )
I figured newredshoes may get a kick out of this. Also you LOST and Supernat fans.

Why LOST and Supernatural are the same!
I'm just so tickled to have this icon that I am doing a post for the sake of it.

That's it.

lame, huh?
Guess who discovered lj through her new Blackberry?

Guess who really needs to give this gadget a name?
Blackberrys are CONFUSING to set up.

that is all.

Is this icon hilarious or what?

OK, who agrees that Monday's ep was ... for use of the best word... AWESOME?

I swear, if this show does not get renewed, I will throw a little fit... If they can renew a complete BOMB like Heroes (which, my gawd, does anybody understand (or care about) anymore??) then how can they overlook such a wonderful bunch of characters that make up Chuck?

This second season was better than the first in my opinion. (although, the first was pretty fun). And it's been a treat to watch it...

Ok, enough soapboxing.. this was truly my excuse to use this all-amusing icon that I just picked up.

But, also.. SAVE CHUCK!!


oh. for F's sake!

Chicago Friends?

Go to your window and gawk.

Yes, it's like Halifax a frozen tundra out there.

must share.

I feel huge need to share this with all of the few on my flist:


Enjoy. No, really, you will enjoy.


My poor puppy. We had his teeth cleaned today and he is constantly whining from the anesthesia. I want to hug him and comfort him all night.